A New Year Resolution to Ride More

Resolutions and Diets

Every resolution does not come to fulfillment, just as does every diet does not last. Resolutions and diets are begun with the best of intentions but success requires more. I tell people I don’t believe in diets because the first three letters will kill you.

Many people made a resolution at the beginning of the New Year to ride more. Unfortunately, many of these good intentions have already been forgotten or given up on. The reasons why resolutions are not completed are many, here a few.

Best of Intentions

Making a resolution is more than having the best of intentions. A resolution is more than having a desire for change or improvement. Having a desire to make changes does not mean a plan has been made, strategies are in place, or contingencies have been made. To resolve is when conviction drives determination. Conviction combined with determination will inspire the individual to learn how to make change happen. Change begins with a plan, developing strategies and consider contingents if needed.


Time is one of the most important benchmarks to consider in every endeavor. Research reveals it takes a minimum of twenty-one days to develop a habit, just three days to break a habit. Habits are only the beginning of lasting change.

A new habit must transition into a routine. This is why the first twenty-one days are so very significant. When the first milestone of twenty-one days is achieved, making adjustments along the way, a habit becomes a routine. After a routine has been developed it must then morph into a lifestyle- riding more.

Earlier I joked about why I don’t believe in diets – the first three letters of the word. My true reason is because diets are about what we will not eat or do. Most diets are about eliminating certain foods. This will work for a while but imagine never again eating pizza or ice cream again. Riding more is not about eliminating things from our schedule, it is making time to ride.

Existing or Thriving

Resolving to make change happen by cutting out most anything will work for the short-term. If you ask most people following through on a resolution based on total elimination of things they enjoy how they are doing most will say they are surviving. The reason they are only surviving is because they are focused on what not to do. They are just existing and maintaining but certainly not thriving. In order for anything to become a lifestyle it must be because it is what we will do and why we will do it. This is what makes the difference for change to last so we are able to ride more.

Riding more will happen when we focus on why we ride. Riding more helps me to feel better, I have a chance to gain a new perspective and relax as I enjoy the wind. When I am riding with friends I get to connect with people outside of work. Having friends from different walks of life broadens our world view.

To improve the quality of life requires change. Change should be because we are striving for excellence in all things. When excellence, not perfection, is our goal every aspect of our life will improve beginning with relationships.The key to better relationships is when we know better, we can do better. Doing better in small things makes every aspect of life better.  By paying attention to small things, the big things take care of themselves.

See You on The Open Road,

Moto-Tec-it Tim